Zion Evangelical Fellowship Church

Zion Evangelical Fellowship Church has been an integral part of the Ethiopian Christian community in Twin Cities since 2001. In September of 2016, Pastor Taye Yami and Pastor Alehubel Mamo invited Adams Thermal Foundation (ATF) to share with their congregation about their schools in Ethiopia. Pastor Samuel Getachew and Tad Anderson from ATF shared a sermon as well as a presentation including photos of the children who attend Adams Thermal Academies in Hosanna and Ottoro. Afterward, members of the congregation came to a Child Sponsorship Display in the back of the church to select children they could support through prayer and giving. We're grateful to have an Ethiopian community like the Zion Evangelical Fellowship Church to partner with us in our mission!

Pastor Taye Yami
Phone: 651-734-5552
Website: http://tsionchurch.com/

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Erbika Alemu Hibamo

Half orphan who lost her father and wants to be a doctor when grow up.


Iyasu Bekele Babore

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Konjit Ayele Desalegn

She wants to be a Pilot when grow up


Liro Tesfaye Dunebo


Sintayehu Desta Geinore

Family Low Income and wants to be a doctor when grow up


Yeamlaksira Tarekegn Jifar

he wants to be a Doctor when grow up


Zertihun Asmamaw Mersha

She wants to be a Doctor when grow up.

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