Eagle Christian Worship Center

Eagle Christian Worship Center International is an Ethiopian congregation determined to direct others to the door of eternal life so that they will be set free from the bondage of empty religion and vain practices and to equip and train the people of God to become Spiritual leaders. Pastor Sileshi was born in southern Ethiopia, but spent much of his life in a refugee camp in northern Kenya. So he knows the plight of the displaced and the poor and the homeless. Pastor Sileshi welcomed Adams Thermal Foundation to his church with open arms and encouraged us to share the full story of our mission for the "poorest of the poor" in Ethiopia. The loving people of Eagle Christian Worship Center stepped up with support through child sponsorship and prayer, even inquiring about how some of the students could be brought to the US for them to provide and care for. We are constantly amazed at the love of Ethiopians for other Ethiopians, especially those who are suffering. Our thanks to Pastor Sileshi and his community for their love and support of the children at Adams Thermal Academies in Ethiopia. 

Pastor Sileshi Kinfu Tesfaye
Phone: (952) 220-2909
Website: http://www.ecwci.org/

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Dinkayehu Bekele Doboch

Poor, He wants to be a Prophet when grow up.


Henok Tagese Laficho

Poor, He wants to be a Doctor when grow up.


Kibinesh Getachew Amare

Full orphan, She wants to be a Pilot when grow up.


Lidiya Tamirat Sudane

She wants to be a Doctor when grow up.

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Liyounesh Getachew Gebre

She wants to be a Pilot when grow up.


Mulatu Tagesse Gashe

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Yishak Ayele Fekena


Zewdinesh Abose Abebe

Half orphan who lost her mother and her father is a TB patient. She wants to be a doctor when grow up

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