Published Sun, Dec 01, 19.
Written by Scott Chleborad.

Her name is Etenesh Hadicho and she's got skills . . . and gratitude . . . and hope.
Etenesh is a recent graduate of our Self-Help Sewing Training program in Hosanna. Just a few months ago, everything seemed to be hopeless for Etenesh. Her husband and brother both died and she was diagnosed with cancer. Her days were filled with weeping and sorrow. And then came an opportunity for hope. 
Etenesh, along with nine other women from local Self-Help Groups, made the decision to learn how to sew. Rather than spending her time at home alone and crying, she committed herself to learning how to use a sewing machine and to create uniforms that can be sold to Adams Thermal Academy for our students. On October 17th, Etenesh celebrated her graduation from the sewing program and shared her story on video. Long-term, our hope is that Entenesh's children will graduate from our school and earn a degree on their way out of the cycle of generational poverty. Short-term, Entenesh will begin earning income for her family and discover a dignity that can only come from self-sufficiency and financial independence. 
We are grateful for the success of the Self-Help Groups in Hosanna and Ottoro and their impact on women, families and children. We're also grateful for a local church that decided to fund the next group of ten women who will learn to sew uniforms as well. If you're interested in supporting these Self-Help programs in Ethiopia, contact Adams Thermal Foundation at 877-678-1099 or email