Published Mon, Dec 13, 21.
Written by Scott Chleborad.


Working in Ethiopia comes with frequent challenges to our understanding of the language and culture. While attending a new building dedication ceremony a few months ago, a young student at Adams Thermal Academy bridged the gap of understanding by presenting a poem from her heart. The subject of the poem was her new classroom, which included a new playground, and new private bathrooms for pre-school and kindergarten students


The beauty of the rooms and the yard are very attractive, very beautiful indeed.

Adams Academy, my school, I owe you so much.

Adams Academy, my school, the ones who care for me.

You saw our small playground and made us a large playground.

Large class rooms beautifully painted. Now we are free to learn in a relaxed way.

We are surrounded by many plants and fresh air. The new bathrooms are our very own.

We wash our hands with soap and clean water and enter the classroom clean and better.

The teachers are happy and their faces light up. They express their happiness one by one.

Adams Academy, my school, to you I am in debt.

I will talk day and night of how thankful I am to learn in this school .

Thank you for listening to me.