Hooray for Kindergarten!

Published Wed, May 05, 2021

Hooray for Kindergarten!
If you were a kindergarten student at Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna, you'd be  feeling really blessed right now.
The Hosanna kindergarten classes recently participated in a dedication ceremony for their new facilities at Adams Thermal Academy. The kids have already moved into their new classrooms which is right next to their new playground and their new bathrooms. In fact, the kindergarteners now have their own, exclusive section of the school campus - NO big kids allowed!  
So the kindergarten class celebrated at the dedication ceremony by singing some happy songs and they even wrote a poem that was shared by a beautiful young lady in a traditional Ethiopian dress. Here is a translation of the poem that the kindergarten class wrote. 
The beauty of our rooms and our playground
They are very lovely, very beautiful indeed
Adams Academy, my school, I am grateful to you
Adams Academy, my school, you have cared for me
You saw our small space and you made it big
Big classrooms, painted beautifully
Now we are free to learn without troubles
Our space is filled with plants and fresh air
We have our very own new bathrooms
To wash our hands with soap and clean water
So we come to class both clean and healthy
Our teachers are happy and their faces are bright
We have heard every one of them express their happiness
Adams Academy, my school, I am grateful to you
I will speak all day long of how thankful I am to learn here
Thank you for hearing me
As you can tell by the poem, this was a very special ceremony attended by staff from the U.S. and even leaders from the Zonal Ministry of Education. And if you ask the kids, they also enjoyed chasing the drone that came to take photos and video of the event. 
Our deepest thanks go out to those who gave to this important project. We featured the kindergarten building in our annual newsletter and our supporters provided generous gifts which helped to provide these new facilities to our kindergarten kids. As you can see, you made quite an impact upon these future leaders of Ethiopia!