Published Fri, Apr 15, 22.
Written by Scott Chleborad.

How is Easter Celebrated in Ethiopia? 

Christ has risen! He has risen indeed! May your Easter celebration be meaningful and joyful this Sunday. 

While many Christians are celebrating Easter this weekend, Ethiopian Christians follow the Julian calendar when celebrating the Easter holiday. This year, Ethiopians will celebrate Fasika, the name for Easter in Ethiopia, on April 24th. Fasika is a national holiday in Ethiopia, which means that most businesses are closed. 

Similar to Easter in the western world, the observation of the Fasika holiday can involve fasting as well as the celebration of Hosanna (or Palm Sunday), Prayer Thursday (Maundy Thursday) and Good Friday. Fasika Sunday involves a church service followed by a family meal that breaks the fast. Doro Wot, or spicy chicken stew, is a popular dish that is served for Fasika dinner along with Defo Dabo, a special kind of bread. Ethiopians will eat whole, hard-boiled eggs in the Doro Wot that is served rather than color eggs for Easter.

For many Ethiopians, Fasika is a more celebrated holiday than Christmas, or Genna, as it is called in Ethiopia. Many visitors come from outside the country to celebrate Fasika with family and friends. Some Ethiopians may even celebrate a second Easter, called Dagma Tensae, during the week following Fasika.