Published Wed, Apr 01, 20.
Written by Scott Chleborad.


Thank you to everyone that has been asking about Hosanna and Ottoro in the context of the current pandemic! The schools in Hosanna and Ottoro have been closed for two weeks and our local team has been working on a plan to continue school operations while students stay at home for an indefinite period. We'll have more to share about this plan next week.
One bright spot is our access to masks, gloves and sanitary supplies. Our corporate parent, Adams Thermal Systems, operates a provisioning office in Hangzhou, China that is sending supplies to our schools for utilization by staff and potentially students pending the time-frame of virus. Also, our office in Addis Ababa is splitting shifts to minimize the number of people working simultaneously and our access to several vehicles makes it possible for us to give rides to staff rather than having them use mass transit. 
Our Self-Help Groups are also limiting their interaction as well as income-generating activities such as sewing uniforms and weaving cultural clothing. The training of new skills for program participants is also on-hold. 
Quite honestly, our greatest need in Ethiopia and in all parts of the world is for PRAYER! For all the talk of stimulus and provisions and the pursuit of vaccines, it should be clear to everyone by now that we are NOT in control of this global event. We are just responding as best as we can. We need to be talking to the only ONE who is in control and ask for His mercy, protection and healing. There are currently 26 reported cases of Coronavirus in Ethiopia with very minimal access to testing and medical infrastructure. If the virus spreads to the rural areas, the mortality rate could be devastating. In the southern states where our schools are located, the borders have been closed and mass transit has been shut down. So very severe measures are being taken to prevent community spread. 
Again, thanks for your inquiries and concerns. We'll have more to report next week. We're trusting God for wisdom and protection and we're sincerely grateful for your on-going prayers and support! We're wishing you health and safety and healing as we walk through this season together.