Published Fri, Feb 11, 22.
Written by Scott Chleborad.

This past September, the community of Dessie in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia was the focal point of the civil war in Ethiopia. Unspeakable horrors were splashed across international headlines as civilians throughout the region suffered incredible losses. As we received almost daily updates from our staff in Addis Ababa, the news of the tragedy in Dessie and Kombolcha was almost too much to bear.
In December, the Ethiopian government began asking international NGOs (non-government organizations) to help with the multiple humanitarian crises going on throughout the northern region due to the atrocities being committed against civilians. In response to the government's appeal, the staff of Adams Thermal Foundation (ATF) here in the United States took immediate action and began seeking donations from our supporters in order to help displaced Ethiopians in the war-torn northern region.
Our supporters were generous and compassionate toward our plea for support and as a result, Adams Thermal Foundation Ethiopia (ATFE) in cooperation with the community of Dessie and eight local churches, was able to bring relief to local civilians in the form of food support, medical supplies, and pastoral care.
On Saturday, January 22nd, a travel team from Central Church in Sioux Falls, SD and ATF staff delivered 500 lbs. of medical supplies to Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa to support the many hospitals and clinics in the northern region that had been looted and vandalized during the military occupation. The medical supplies were provided by Matter (, a global non-profit in St. Louis Park, MN which redistributes donated medical supplies and equipment throughout the world. Those supplies were then packed for transport by employees of Adams Thermal Systems, the parent company of ATF and ATFE. Many of the employees who packed the medical supplies are also sponsors of the children in our Ethiopian schools.
On Saturday, February 5th, three large trucks filled with teff (grain), cooking oil and beans were unloaded in Dessie by Adams Thermal Foundation's in-country staff in cooperation with the local churches. Recipients of food aid were selected by local authorities. Those who had experienced the loss of parents, or the household breadwinner were given primary consideration as well as the disabled and elderly. By the end of the day, 3,306 Ethiopians received one (1) months' worth of food and got connected to local ministers who could help them through their grief and loss.
Three television stations from the area covered the relief effort in Dessie and captured many of the tears and heart-felt expressions of gratitude. Dr. Samuel Getachew, Director of African Operations for Adams Thermal Foundation, was interviewed by one of the TV stations and expressed plainly how this act of love for the people of Dessie was a manifestation of the love of Jesus Christ which lives in us and compels us to confront deep human suffering.
Thank you to all who gave and provided for the war victims in Dessie. It was an honor for us to represent you and to deliver the fruit of your generosity and care to the suffering people in northern Ethiopia. May God richly bless you all!

Please watch our social media platforms over the next few weeks for more details, more stories, and more footage of the relief effort in Dessie.