Published Fri, Jun 19, 20.
Written by Scott Chleborad.


Learning in the poorest regions of the world looks quite different than the advanced educational methods we’ve become accustomed to. Adams Thermal Academies in Ethiopia have limited teaching resources. So old-fashioned, printed paper books are still the heart and soul of learning in rural Ethiopia. While there’s no shortage of books in the world, students in Ethiopia are desperately in need of more. And most of us have dozens, if not hundreds, of books we no longer use.


The Adams Thermal Foundation team is currently preparing a large shipping container to deliver a generous quantity of donated goods to Ethiopia in July, and there’s room to spare. So this is an excellent opportunity to ship, essentially free-of-charge, as many books as God will send our way in the next 30 days.

We are collecting two types of books:

  • For the classrooms and libraries at the Hosanna and Ottoro schools, we are in need of K-12 textbooks, work-books and story books. We are asking for donations of retired books from teachers, schools or school districts as well as new books or monetary donations for the purchase of new books. 
  • For a new seminary program we are supporting in Ethiopia, we are in need of Masters-level texts which can be used for pastoral training. We are seeking donations from pastors and seminarians from their personal libraries as well as new or used titles from those who wish to donate. The Ethiopia seminary program is outcome-based so there is flexibility to allow for the use of various titles.

If you have, or know of any K-12 text books for any subject, or Masters-level seminary literature, please consider putting them back into service by donating them to our eager students and seminarians in Ethiopia. CLICK HERE to see a specific listing of needed books.

We’ve set up a book-drop station at Central Church in Sioux Falls, at 3102 W Ralph Rogers Rd. The book drop is located just inside the doors of West entrance to the Church. There is a list of suggested book titles there as well. If you have questions, please email or call 877-678-1099.