Published Fri, May 12, 23.
Written by Scott Chleborad.

Experiences are an important part of life for today's young adult generation. Experiences are also important to pastors who wish to engage the members of their congregation. Beyond just giving, the experience of impacting someone's life directly can be life-changing and spiritually fulfilling.  

These life-changing experiences are the goal of a special event that we like to call, "Sponsorship Sunday". This event involves a presentation of our Ethiopia ministry and the opportunity for congregation members to respond. Recently, the staff of Adams Thermal Foundation visited three different churches in support of their Sponsorship Sunday events. 

The experience of changing a life comes through the sponsorship of our children at the Adams Thermal Academies in Ethiopia. Through the use of technology and dedicated support staff, we connect local people with children in Ethiopia who desperately need support AND relationship. 

The at-risk children who enroll at Adams Thermal Academies are given the opportunity to break the generational cycle of poverty through education. But they also need hope and prayers and encouragement and love from others who will stand with them. 

What might happen if your church or organization scheduled a Sponsorship Sunday?

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